Welcome to Silent Springs is the 1st episode of season 1 of My Dad the Rock star.


When famed Rock Star Rock Zilla ended his tour, he and his family move to the quiet town of Silent Springs. However his son Willy disguises himself as "Willy Zillowsky" to hide the fact that he's the son of the legendary Rock Zilla but things go bad when he was dared to go to his own house by Buzz the school bully (who did not know he's rock's son) and steal his father's prize gold record.


Joanne Vannicola as Willy Zilla

Lawrence Bayne  as Rock Zilla

Kathleen Laskey as Crystal Zilla

Stephanie Anne Mills as Serenity Zilla 

Don Francks as Skunk Fanshawe 

Sarah Gadon as Alyssa  

Martin Villafana as Quincy 

Rob Stefaniuk as Buzz Sawchuck



  • It is revealed that Rock had his golden record longer then Willy and Serenity.
  • When the family first moved to the town, Willy mistake a normal house to be his new home, only to discover that his new home is actually mansion.
  • Willy would go on being known as Willy Zillowsky to hide the fact that he's Rock Zilla's son.