Serenity Zilla
Vital statistics
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Serenity Zilla is one of the main characters of the My Dad The Rockstar. She is voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills          


Serenity is shown to be a 16 year old girl with blond hair, wearing a red shirt with a yellow star in the middle, short blue skirt, white socks and tan shoes.

Character BioEdit

Being born as the daughter of a famous rock star, Serenity sees this as a perfect example to get guys to fall for her. She is consider as a stereotypical teenage girl: spoiled, boy-crazy, egotistical and ditzy. She sometimes pick on Willy just for the fun of it. In the episode "Welcome to Silent Springs" she revealed herself to be the Daughter of Rock Zilla. during a few episode she claimed she doesn't know Willy, Since he changed his name to Zillowsky. Until when their dad became the music teacher in Mr. Zilla's Opus.


  • It it be assumed that Crystal was the one who give Serenity her name because it means being calm, peaceful, and untroubled in which Serenity is the opposite of that word, also because Crystal is a spiritualist. Despite this, she does have a kind side.
  • Serenity is surprisingly good at being a lifeguard.