Rock Zilla
Vital statistics
Position Rock and roll music star
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Rockford Amadeus "Rock" Zilla My Dad The Rockstar." He is voiced by Lawrance Bayne.</span>

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rock is shown to be a large, muscular man with long green hair, wearing white makeup and black lipstick. He also wears a dark purple Muslce shirt with gray pants, a red spike belt around it and big rock-star shoes. He also has a snake tattoo on his left arm.

Character BioEdit

Rock came from a family who was best known to play classical music. In fact, when he was a teenager, his father, Mr. Zilla would always wear his classic music outfit and carry his cello everywhere he goes. During his younger years  he went to college, along with a roommate who he referred to as "Roomie." While at college, he accidentally destroyed the science lab when he mistook his roommate project for a microphone in which he screamed so loud, it created a loud explosion which got him and his roommate kicked out. While on tour, he would encounter his future wife Crystal. In fact, on his birthday, she gave him a pair of leather jeans. After marring Crystal, they raised a family, and they began their life on the road while Rock does his tour. After his last tour, Rock decided to settle down in the quiet town of Silent Springs. 


  • Rock is based on the creator of the show, Gene Simmon, the leader of KISS.