My Dad the Rock Star is a Canadian animated television series created by Gene Simmons of KISS fame, and produced by Canadian company Nelvana for the Canadian based channel Teletoon. It ran for a short period of time on the Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the United States and it currentlyTemplate:When airs on kids' TV channels Pop! and Kix! in the UK.

The show focuses on William "Willy" Zilla, an ordinary timid 14-year old boy just trying to be normal middle schooler despite being the son of a flamboyant, rich, and lively celebrity rock star.


Gene Simmons wanted to create a cartoon series for his kids with a loud rock star. The series was based on Gene's book "My Dad the Rock Star: Rebel without a Nose Ring" in 2003. Rock Zilla is actually a fictionalized version of Gene Simmons himself counting his signature "long-tongue". It is not known if Serenity and Willy are based on his children though.

The series went on hiatus after the episode "Blind Date" until it was announced that the show ended, possibly for Gene to pursue his music career.


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