Mr. Zilla's Opus is the 3rd episode of season 1 of My Dad the Rock star.


After discovering that the principal had cut almost all the school clubs funding (in order to buy new uniforms for the football team) Rock decide to take over as the new music teacher, which he also revealed himself as Willy' father.


Joanne Vannicola as Willy Zilla

Lawrence Bayne  as Rock Zilla

Kathleen Laskey as Crystal Zilla

Stephanie Anne Mills as Serenity Zilla 

Don Francks as Skunk Fanshawe 

Sarah Gadon as Alyssa  

Martin Villafana as Quincy 

Rob Stefaniuk as Buzz Sawchuck



  • As of Now, Everybody in school now knows that Willy Zillowsky is Willy Zilla