These are a list of characters on My Dad The Rockstar.


  • Lawrence Bayne - Rockford Amadeus "Rock" Zilla - The main character. Rock has loved rock n roll since birth. Even though Rock is the father of the family, he is very immature and behaves like a teenager.
  • Joanne Vannicola - William "Willy" Zilla - Rock and Crystal's son and Serenity's little brother. Willy never had a normal life when he was on tour with his family until he came to Silent Springs. Throughout the series, Willy gradually becomes more comfortable in who he is and accepts his new, more "normal" lifestyle. Willy aspires to be a musician like his father and grandfather (see below). Willy's music of choice is jazz. Willy plays the trumpet in the school band.
  • Don Francks - Nigel "Skunk" Fanshawe - Ex-driver of the Zilla tour bus, friend/manager of the family. Skunk is from England and has a long two-toned ponytail, hence his name. Skunk is often the voice of reason for the Zilla's.
  • Sarah Gadon - Alyssa - Willy's sarcastic best friend, and eventually girlfriend. She is an environmental activist.
  • Martin Villafana - Quincy - Willy's other best friend. Prefers to be called "Q". His father is an accountant.
  • Kathy Laskey - Crystal Zilla - Serenity and Willy's mother. Crystal is a pink-haired spiritualist.
  • Stephanie Anne Mills - Serenity Zilla - Willy's older sister and Rock and Crystal's daughter. Serenity is the stereotypical teenage girl: spoiled, boy-crazy, egotistical and ditzy. She picks on Willy and easily gets lost in the mansion.
  • Rob Stefaniuk - Robert "Buzz" Sawchuck - Lloyd's son and Willy's school bully. Although brutish and violent, Buzz often speaks in the manner of a Shakespearian actor, making long-winded speeches and monologues. Buzz has a crush on Alyssa, which is not reciprocated.
  • Dwight Schultz - Principal Malfactor - A strict disciplinarian, with a particular dislike for Willy. He once tried to have music class removed from school, and to have Willy expelled. Both times, he was foiled by Rock's intervention. Bears an uncanny resemblance to Ed Sullivan.
  • Dwight Schultz - Mr. Kant - The Zilla's next door neighbour. He utterly despises Rock for all the chaos he causes, but has a soft spot for Willy. He has a cat and dog, Helga and Henderson, who are friends with Mosh.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Mosh - The Zilla's pet Komodo Dragon.
  • Ms. Zachwiss - a strict teacher at Willy's school.
  • Scoop - a reporter who harasses the Zilla's.
  • Lloyd Sawchuck - Buzz's father and the head of the school board.