Angela D'Angelo
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Angela D'Angelo is shown in the series only as a one-time character.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Angela is depicted as a angelically beautiful girl with a golden blond ponytail and dressed in a blue short-sleeved jacket underneath a light pink top and light blue skirt. She also wears white long socks with white and red sneakers.

Character Bio Edit

Angela's parents are the complete opposites of Rock and Crystal Zilla. They are obsessed of being clean, going as far as to cover their furniture with plastic and even their dog, and they see rock music such as Rock Zilla's as a disease that effects young minds . Their obsession with cleanliness and no-nonsense has earned them to being called "psychoes" by other teenagers and were rather unpopular to them as well. When Angela wanted to date a boy she liked, he'd have to meet her parents and be judged, which she calls a "pre-date". Unfortunately, none of them has ever made it through the pre-date with her parents. Because of that, Angela has never had a real date. She has an older brother named Damien (who claims that his name means devil). She did go on a real (but short) date with Willy and the two were about to share their first kiss, until her parents stopped them and announce they will be moving to Alaska (Mostly because the cold cilmate prevent germs from reaching them). She is an extremely good student as well as very skilled, knowing how code, build airplanes, unbeatable in hand to hand combat, etc. She even won over Serenity by preventing a gross kid to perform CPR on her, instead giving Serenity CPR herself. She blew into her mouth and pushed on her chest.